Saudi Arabia Imprisons a Human Rights Defender for Peacefully Calling for Reforms in the Country

After five years of imprisonment, Omar, son of Mohammad al-Qahtani who is a human rights defender and founding member of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA), which is one of Saudi Arabia’s few independent human rights organizations, writes about the unfair imprisonment of his father. Omar writes to reveal the truth about the injustices that occurred to his father.
Mohammad al-Qahtani is now serving a 10-year prison sentence for simply calling for reforms in his country. In Omar’s letter, he talks about how proud he is of his father for standing up for his beliefs. He describes his father as a disciplined man who used to dedicate time to have fun with his wife and kids while paying great attention to their education.
The victim is now imprisoned for calling for reforms peacefully, with disregard to the freedom of speech. The 17 years old child describes what he experienced while attending his father’s trial when he was 12. He states that he was charged with 11 different things such as founding an unlicensed organization and disobeying the ruler, which did not make any sense to the child back then.



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