Kenyan Activist Faces Online Attacks

Kenya is fortunate with a mass of young activists who make use of their online presence to be active in civic engagement. Recently, online activists who address the Kenyan government have been met with aggression and vicious attacks. Edwin Kiama, a social activist with almost 50,000 followers of his Twitter handle, @WanjikuRevolt, is going through an experience of online aggression that shows the problem that the online voices face nowadays.
When scrolling through Edwin’s Twitter account, it is found that he provides an account of the contemporary conversations in Kenya. He tweets about the ruling Jubilee Party’s manifesto, in addition to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)’s failure to publish the voter register. Edwin is also active on his Facebook as his Facebook page has almost 40,000 followers. As an attempt from Edwin to provide his followers with diverse content, he adds people who are not necessarily from his ethnic group.
Edwin is constantly under attack online. He says that some people start by supporting his online views then they switch sides and start attacking him as well. He also says that he is attacked by the administrative in Kenya who have much more resources than he does, but he still believes in what he does and its outcome in the long run regardless of the attacks.



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