Is the G20 Deliberately Neglecting the Global Refugee Crisis?

The G20, the leading forum that deals with the global challenges that face our world today, will be holding a summit in Hamburg that coincides with the world’s refugee crisis that sadly got out of control. It is expected of the summit to assume responsibility in all the areas that disturb the global peace, in addition to displacement and migration in order to build on the efforts exerted in the previous years to protect refugees.
Unfortunately, there is so little progress to build on in the refugees’ case as the G20 progress with the refugee crisis around the globe has been met by failure. Although last year, the G20 promised to tackle the refugee crisis, out of 27 countries in the world with programs for providing assistance for refugees, only nine are in the G20. Now it is obvious that they did not keep their promise, as the USA, UK, and Australia, that are part of the G20 countries, are rated at the bottom when it comes to solving the refugee crisis.
Initiatives are most needed now as 2017 has been marked to be the deadliest year for people crossing the central Mediterranean with approximately 2000 people reported having drowned in their journey to freedom. Sharing responsibility of the citizens of the world is needed now more than ever.



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