Does Amnesty Come with a Price Tag?

Studies have found that granting amnesty to unlawful immigrants would leave the host country drowning in a net fiscal deficit –benefit minus taxes- that would have to be financed by increasing the government’s debt or raising taxes on the citizens. Immigrants have been proven vital to the host countries’ health and speeding up the process of its future success, however; immigrants should enter the country lawfully and should not impose additional fiscal costs on the overburdened taxpayers. The additional workforce has always had the positive connotation of progression, but the possibility of this workforce becoming a burden is alarming.
A lawful immigration system could be beneficial for the host country’s growth but granting unlawful amnesty is unnecessary to harvest those benefits. It should be taken into consideration that illegal immigrants impose costs on police, hospitals, schools and many other services, however; giving them a free pass to citizenship means that it will only take them a few years before that can have full access to government programs; which should be excluded to citizens. Granting unlawful amnesty is also unfair to people who are deserving of lawful citizenship, as it seems will be simply handing in their spots to others on a whim.




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