France Using Terrorism Powers to Curb Peaceful Protests

Amnesty International has castigated the approach by which French authorities are employing terrorism combating (emergency) powers as pretexts to suppress peaceful demonstrations on salient concerns. The accusation follows President Emmanuel Macron’s advocacy for the extension of the emergency rules by several months. The principles, which have granted the police wider search and arrest warrants, were initiated as a response to the Islamist-related Paris atrocity in November 2016. The Watchdog has asserted that since then, the laws have paved the way for issuance of one hundred and fifty-five decrees forbidding public gatherings. It also adds that around six hundred measures banning specific individuals from partaking in public assemblies have been enacted. And sadly, the majority of the victims are protesters calling for reforms on the labor laws.
The take has left hundreds of activists, environmentalists, and labor rights proponents without a voice; and it’s quite unfortunate that the situation might continue since the government is striving to extend the state of emergency until November.


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