Amnesty: Palestinian Writer is ‘Prisoner of Conscience’

Amnesty International has urged Israel to immediately reprieve a Palestinian writer who’s been detained without trial or accusations. After conducting raids at premises in the Western Bank and East Jerusalem, Israeli authorities arrested 66-year-old Ahmad Qatamesh on Sunday last week. He has since been subjected to a three month detainment period, an approach that has turned out to be more prevalent amongst Palestinians, often with a basis on “secret evidence”.

Magdalena Mughrabi’s, the Watchdog’s Middle East and North Africa delegate, mentions that Ahmad is a “prisoner of conscience,” since he’s fallen victim with his non-violent advocacies meant to discourage activism from other Palestinians. Qatamesh is an acclaimed writer and lecturer, best known for employing a solidarity approach in representing his fellow natives behind bars.

The Times of Israel has in a blog post detailed that Ahmad was arrested for his allegiance to the leftist Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP); an allegation his wife has denied pointing out that he was probably targeted for voicing his concerns on the Palestinian hunger strike currently being seen in Israel’s correctional facilities.



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