Amnesty International Launches #Brave Global Campaign

Deprosa Muchena, Amnesty International’s Southern Africa director, has in a press statement indicated the human rights activists across the globe are still being subjected to intimidations and harassments for championing what is right. While addressing delegates at the #Brave campaign launch at the Nelson Mandela center, Muchena asserted that human rights activists, especially journalists, have been left with no other option but to soak in unjust actions orchestrated by Authoritarian leaders. He also noted that there have been journalist dispatches particularly on those reporting on cases of injustices, and so it was only right to initiate the campaign in a bid to negate these contrived atrocities.

A perfect case study depicting the aforementioned vices is that of Zimbabwean activist and Pastor Ivan Mawarire, who is currently in detention on charges of rebellious incitement and disrespect to the country’s national flag. Another example is that of a few journalists in Botswana who’ve been forced to live life under the radar after receiving death threats for photographing a house belonging to the President. In 2016 alone, there have been a staggering 281 deaths across the globe stemming from defense of human rights.



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