Slavery Flourishes in Libya After Western Intervention Ousted Gaddafi

Although it was promised that Libya will prosper after the western intervention to oust President Gaddafi, not a single aim to stabilize the nation has been achieved. The civil war still goes on, refugees are still flowing to Europe, there is no sense of social justice, Libyan economy stays crippled and the country remains a failed democracy not even the United Nations can do anything about. Libya before the western intervention was much more prosperous and had a global status of being one of the most liberal countries, with a model of welfare state around it.

The Libya we know today is surrounded by religious extremism, and fight for resources, there are warlords that many global powers support, and inquiries over the war crimes of a global politician such as Tony Blair have gone unheard. Another concern is the growing market of African slaves across Libya, sold for as low as $200. People are trapped and doing forced labor in the Libyan city of Sabha. Although the U.N. migration agency, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is aware of the slave trade where African are held for ransom, forced labor or sexual exploitation, no concrete action by the international community is being done. There are no westernbacked interventions now to help the thousands, who have their lives lost, while they came to Libya to seek a new hope and home in Europe.

Those who are trapped come from Gambia, Senegal, Sudan, other Sub-Saharan African nations. Arabs who have historically considered themselves above all, pay nothing to those who do forced labor for the whole day as per many detainees who have fled Libya and returned to the war zones from where they left. The international community needs to understand that their pretext to intervene in the name of humanity to rob resources in Middle Eastern nations, has left nothing for the natives, who are still oppressed and looking for a new hope.



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