United Nations to Send Fact-Finding Mission to Myanmar

Myanmar has been under the radar for their alleged oppression on the Rohingya community in northern Rakhine State for decades now. Now, the Human Rights Council of United Nations has approved a fact-finding mission over why are there atrocities and concerns over one single state for years now. Myanmar strongly protested over the move, saying that urgent dispatch of a fact-finding team is a violation of its sovereignty.

A spokesman for noble peace prize winner President Suu Kyi, Zaw Htay, said, “What the U.N. Human Rights Council did to us is totally not fair and not right under international practices. They should have waited and watched the correspondent country’s investigation and the result coming out from that,” and only then offer possible criticism of its work.” As per the U.N. human rights office’s special rapporteur for Myanmar, Yanghee Lee said, “the situation is currently worse than at any point in the past few years. It indicates the government may be trying to expel the Rohingya population from the country altogether. I trust the government of Myanmar will cooperate with this mission, including granting it full access as called for in the Human Rights Council resolution.”

Amnesty International hailed the decision, asking the government of Myanmar to corporate with the UN mission to find the root cause of this decadelong tension. Over 140,000 people have displaced, 1,000 houses destroyed, women raped by military forces, and forceful detentions, under the pretext of national security and counterterrorism.

Amnesty International’s Director for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Champa Patel said, “The announcement of an independent international fact-finding mission to look into human rights violations in Myanmar is long overdue. After the Myanmar government’s failure to establish a credible investigation into the security forces’ crimes against the Rohingya in northern Rakhine State, there is an urgent need for a team of international experts examines alleged violations there, in Kachin and in northern Shan State.”






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