Syrian Government Involved in Mass Executions and Exterminations

Over the past 6 years of the Syrian Civil War, over 500,000 have lost their lives, while half of the country has been displaced, moving to neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Europe as refugees. Amnesty International has reported that apart from the use of chemical weapons, extrajudicial killings, and ethnic cleansing, the Syrian government is also involved in the mass killing of over 13,000 prisoners in the Saydnaya prison between 2011 and 2015. These killings were conducted twice a week in the group of 50.

As per a report published by Amnesty International Human slaughterhouse: Mass hangings and extermination at Saydnaya prison, Syria highlights the dire conditions inmates lived in, without proper food, medicine, and water. The Deputy Director for Research at Amnesty International’s regional office in Beirut, Lynn Maalouf said, “The horrors depicted in this report reveal a hidden, monstrous campaign, authorized at the highest levels of the Syrian government, aimed at crushing any form of dissent within the Syrian population. These acts may account for war crimes and crimes against humanity as per Amnesty.

Military Field Court usually conducts the hearings over such cases, but none of the convicted were given an actual fair trial. Their bodies were dumped in mass graves near Damascus. Amnesty based its claims on interviews of 84 people, including four former guards at the red building where civilians were detained and the while building where military courts are. The author of the report Nicolette Waldman said, “There is no reason at all to expect that the hangings have stopped. We believe it is very likely that the executions are going on to this day and that many thousands more people have been killed.”



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