Slovenia Amends the Aliens Act

Slovenia has amended their Alien Act that will now treat asylum seekers and refugees as a threat to national security. The amendments are not just a violation of international laws, but also creates issues for Croatian policymakers. People returning from Slovenia, Hungary and other nations on the Balkan route may illegally return to Austria and Croatia. The amendments are passed jointly by the government and the centre-right Slovenian Democratic Party

Amnesty International’s Researcher for the Balkans and the European Union, Jelena Sesar said, “Rather than recognizing refugees and asylum seekers as people fleeing from the horrors of war and in need of protection, these amendments treat them as a threat to national security and strip them of vital protections under international law. Slovenia is trying to use the same laws that Hungary has put in place. These laws across the European Union can be used to target a certain ethnic group or people if possible while returning them in case they pose a security threat to the country.

Thorbjorn Jagland, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe already voiced concerns over the proposed amendments weeks back. The laws are against the European Convention on Human Rights, seeking “right to due process, the consideration of individual circumstances in the processing of applications and protection of all migrants and asylum seekers against ill-treatment.”



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