Tunisia: Amend Draft Drug Law

Tunisia’s administration should rectify the preliminary drug law before it wreaks havoc on citizens, various Human Rights Organizations mentioned in a joint letter addressing the government. They particularly called for the discarding of harsh prison sentences on recreational drug use. They also urged the elimination of the severe penalty imposed on those who refuse to partake in a urine test. Groups channeling efforts towards drugs’ decriminalization, together with musicians who address substance abuse, could all fall victim to the proposal entailing an offense termed as “incitement to narcotic use”.

The contended system of rules stems from a December 2015 revision on the 1992 Narcotics law (No.92-52) by the state. The draft was then tabled before the parliamentary commission on legislation for review on January 3, 2017. Later on the same month, the Justice Ministry came up with a more-strict version of the bill without regarding the government’s initial improvements. For example, it warrants a one year sentence for possession or use of even the slightest quantity of an illegal drug, including cannabis.




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