Mali: Islamist Group Abuses, Banditry Surge

The central and northern Mali regions are currently witnessing bloody atrocities on civilians, being orchestrated by Islamist militia who are also imposing sanctions on rural life. Malian security troops

seem to be incapable of safeguarding the region’s natives, having already overseen the launch of various counterterrorism programs since last year. Adding salt to injury, non-combatants have also been plagued by dire tribal clashes plus a rise in banditry activities.

The violence has its roots in Mali’s armed conflict that began in 2012. In 2013, a collaborative effort with French troops suppressed armed group activities in the North of Mali; but in 2014, lawless assaults increased and disseminated to Mali’s central regions. In 2016, rebel forces slayed at least twenty seven men, including state representatives, local leaders and fighters working in the peace keeping mission. Additionally, several villages have since been forced to comply with the austere form of Islamic law (Sharia).



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