Suicide Attack on Quetta Shows no Humanity Exists

Pakistan already has a lot of issues with its fight against terror. However, much of it came back to spotlight on August 8, when a pre-planned suicide bomber, targeted Civil Hospital situated in Pakistan’s southwestern city of Quetta.

The event resulted in over 90 deaths, while another 120 were injured. 77 of those injured were shifted to the Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi. The government of Pakistan and the Army, in combination with other federal intelligence agencies, has since then started a crackdown on suspects, resulting in major arrests across Quetta and Pakistan at large.

Amnesty International‘s Regional Programme Director for Asia Pacific, Champa Patel condemned the attack, saying, “This is an absolutely senseless targeting of dozens of people, including patients and mourners. It has led to a devastating loss of life and is an example of the string of attacks in recent years in Pakistan on schools, hospitals, and other ‘soft targets’, which must cease immediately. A full, independent, and transparent investigation must be carried out into how and why this bombing took place, and whoever is responsible should be brought to justice as soon as possible in fair trials, without recourse to the death penalty.”

The event seemed to be a targeted attack on the lawyers’ community of Pakistan, who were present during the day to accompany the body of the former President of the Balochistan Bar Association, Bilal Anwar Kasi, who was gunned down by unidentified gunmen earlier in the day.


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