Amnesty asks Germany not to deport refugees

Germany has accepted over a million refugees since the refugee crisis started in 2013. However, since terror attacks have increased across the European Union, with Germany and France being the hardest hit, many rightwing political groups are advocating to return refugees back to conflict and crisis countries.

The increase in pressure to deport migrants back comes after it became known that Ansbach bomber was to be deported for over a year. However, Amnesty said it will eventually be an international human rights violation to send refugees and migrants back to crisis countries, where their lives may be in danger. The head of the asylum department of Amnesty International in Germany, Andrea Berg said, “No one may be deported to a country where his life or freedom are at risk. Whoever says that we should deport refugees to war zones, should be aware that such deportations would be a clear breach of international law.

Amnesty has also voiced concerns over the proposed deal between Turkey and EU. The deal is now under peril since Turkey has entered in a state of emergency following a failed coup on July 15. Turkey was previously not considered a safe country by Amnesty and the international community to return refugees back to, as there were reports of torture, rape, and abuse evident across the border towns. Many believe Turkey has illegally exported Islamic terror across the European Union, and right wing parties vowed to return migrants.


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