The Isle of Man Introduces New Marriage Equality Law

The Isle of Man recently introduced a new law, which may help same-sex marriages be finally legalized. After the approval of this act, Northern Ireland will remain the only region of the United Kingdom that opposes such laws, despite having ample public support for samesex marriage equality.

England introduced the samesex marriage act two years back and The Marriage and Civil Partnership Act introduced by the Isle of Man is based on the same framework. It allows same-sex marriages to take place in a civil ceremony or, subject to the agreement, in a religious celebration. Chief Minister Allan Bell has termed this law as a historic moment. Amnesty has thanked the Chief Minister on this historic achievement. It not just allows equality, but provides the LGBT community a sense of security in the region and across the world. Amnesty in 2015, requested the government of the isle of Man to consider the law and bring appropriate changes.

Amnesty International’s Head of Nations and Regions, Patrick Corrigan said, “Same-sex couples in the Isle of Man will now be able to get married in the company of their family and friends and with the full recognition of their local community, just as in England, Scotland and Wales. That is a powerful and loving message to send to every member of the island’s LGBT community as well as to wider society. The Isle of Man’s law reform also throws into sharp contrast the situation facing gay and lesbian couples in Northern Ireland, who are still denied the right to get married by their government. This must change urgently, especially given the 70% support which now exists among the public, according to a recent survey.”

Amnesty believes that Northern Ireland should also ratify its laws to help infuse equality amongst the LGBT community. Not supporting such acts may eventually be a violation of the international human rights standards.


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