Migrants Clash with Police at Macedonian Border

As the EU-Turkey deal takes effect and migrants are sorted to leave for Turkey, Macedonia has been feeling the heat as more than 12,000 refugees in a makeshift refugee camp near the northern border of Greece clashed with Macedonian police this week. Police reacted by firing tear gas on migrants while Greece retained a few activists.

As many as 14 activists have been arrested for storming the razor-wire fence located at the border between the two countries. The event happened in Idomeni, a town in Greece, at the borders with Macedonia. Police officials have been accusing British, German and French national, in enticing migrants to resort to violent clashes. They think doing such acts will help increase sympathy amongst European Government, who would then let them cross borders. Many migrants wish to go Germany. On Sunday, more than 300 women and children migrants were injured in such crashes as Macedonian police fired rubber bullets and tear gas. Greece is already under severe pressure, as there have bene concerns over its readiness to implement the EU-Turkey deal. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has already said months back that such concerns have the potential of crippling the Greek social system. Although in last week, less than 80 migrants crossed the border to come to Greece after the deal between EU-Turkey came into effect, the situation at borders with Macedonia is still grim. Many Balkan nations, including Macedonia, have closed their border to take any more refugees.

Many migrants who came into Greece and took refuge in towns such as Idomeni are stuck, as the deal does not cater any refugees who arrived before March 20. The situation is making many migrants hopeless, as they are not provided with accurate information regarding the procedure that may deport them back to Turkey. On the other hand, Turkey itself is under immense pressure from European Union lawmakers, who say Turkey is shifting from the paradigm of democracy and according to Amnesty International, Turkey is considered not a safe country not just for the refugees, but for anyone who wishes to settle there.


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