European Reputation In the hands of Greeks

Greece has started deporting asylum seekers and refugees under the new EU-Turkey deal signed last week. Although the deal has come under international criticism, it has a go-ahead from EU and Turkey alike.

Amnesty International has already termed it as an unsafe country for any refugees. It has constantly failed to provide protection, healthcare, social security, or any form of civilian rights to asylum seekers and refugees. With the deal coming into effect, Greece has said they are short of personnel to process claims needed to deport refugees. The process itself takes several steps, and going through the requests and providing details for deportation is the first steps. Greece asked European nations to send experts to aid them in processing a lot of requests. Unless a 20-fold increase in experts is made, it will be hard to process more than a 1,000 requests a day. Around 300 experts have already reached, but Greece authorities say there is not enough space in hotels to accommodate the growing number of experts expected. UN refugee agency asked for a halt in the inception of deals, unless Turkey provides enough assurances towards the treatment of refugees.

The deal will help block a vital route that has been used by more than 800,000 refugees to enter Europe. Amnesty International issued a report last week, giving proof that Turkey has been allegedly involved in returning hundreds of refugees back to war-torn areas such as Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Amnesty’s Europe and central Asia director, John Dalhuisen said that in order to seal their own borders, EU has done an illegal act, sending refugees back to a country, which is not considered safe for anyone. Rather than pressurizing Turkey to increase their quality of living for refugees, EU is supporting Turkey with committing these crimes against humanity. Unless Greece does a smooth transition, the credibility of EU to uphold human dignity will surely be lost.


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