Amnesty International slams the administrative detention policies of IDF

Amnesty International refereed to the IDF’s administrative detention policies as a “balloon… is popping over and over”. It also called upon Israel for releasing Mahmud al-Fasfas, the Palestinian prisoner, from an exceptional process that can supersede the full criminal trial under which he is detained.

Amnesty proclaimed that there have been several latest occurrences wherein the state has deformed and released detainees after being under the strain of their hunger strikes, has exposed “the bankruptcy of the administrative detention tactic.

Amnesty International also asserted to release al-Fasfas, who was bogged down in October and started a hunger strike later. It also insisted that in future, these detainees should come under the regular criminal process without any secret facts or ill-defined imprisonment that are being held as a part of political detentions.

It was in March that the imprisonment of al-Fasfas was extended to further 4 months but as on now, neither the IDF nor Amnesty International has provided any details of the reasons of his being in custody.

Amnesty said that Israel’s February Agreement released to free Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq in exchange for him ending his hunger strike along with the others, is an indication that the state does not support hunger strikes and will not let the prisoners die due to the hunger strike. Thus, Amnesty advocates, in a similar way, others too should be released early so that they do not suffer further.

The major issue that has been lost in the latest release agreements is that the the Knesset has passed a low to feed the hunger strikes prisoners forcefully but this is not using law. This might be because of the High Court of Justice’s changing pronouncement on the controversy. The High Court has created a new category of rules for those detained under administrative detentions that lay the suspension due to health concerns, without extending or reducing the imprisonment.

Amnesty’s Israel CEO Yonatan Gar said: “The reality in which the norm is that a person is guilty until proven otherwise cannot continue.Israel cannot play with the fate of human beings and jail hundreds of people without trial” under regular criminal procedures.”


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