Can the Refugee Crisis bring Europe to its Knees?

The refugee crisis in Europe is getting intense and complex. Much of the European Union is in shatters and Germany has started to feel the heat about their open door policy. Finland, Sweden and other Balkan states started to seek a different path from other EU nations, especially going against the quota system; European Union is divided on how to tackle the crisis. Not to mention, there are more than a million refugees expected to pour into Europe this year alone.

Amongst all the criticism, the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel has asked fellow European countries to show some humanity and let immigrants come through. The recent request comes after Macedonia decided to close its borders, making more than 70,000 immigrants and refugees stranded at the Greek borders. If no solution is taken out of this crisis, Greece and its political system will collapse. Greece after being bailed out last year by EU is in no position to take refugees that it cannot feed or provide employment to. Although Merkel has defended her open door policy, her popularity in Germany is at all-time low. Many of the German MPs have started to blame Middle East and US for the increase in violence led to the Syrian crisis, while seeking better relations with Russia to find a political solution.

Many believe that the social resistance these refugees are going through will make Europe break. There are talks on closing the visa free travel that Schengen accord upholds, making it hard to cross the border without proper papers. More than 6,000 refugees are hopelessly stuck at the borders of Macedonia. Austria also imposed harsh restrictions on how it would take refugees through its borders. Although there has been an agreement with Turkey over controlling the flow of refugees, it is widely thought that Turkey has started blackmailing EU, especially Germany over its ambitions to topple Syrian president Assad or Ankara will let refugees coming. Germany currently holds more than 1.1 million refugees.


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