Syria Undergoes a Two Week Cessation of Hostilities

In modern time, the deadliest and most complex geopolitical concerns have been the Syria Civil War, which started in the form of democratic demonstrations, but was quickly hijacked by the non-state actors and terrorists, resulting in a war not one know who is fighting who. The war is so complex and complicated, there are more foreign fighters in Syria in the name of Free Syrian Army and other armed groups than Syrians themselves. Many of them are supported by armed terrorist and extremist’s groups from Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. The proxies at the rebel’s sides are supported by mainly Sunni regimes such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar while the Syrian army has support from Iran, Hezbollah and Russian Air Forces.

Last week, the two superpowers, Russia, and the United States brokered a “cessation of hostilities”, ceasefire agreement. The ceasefire agreement is being complied by more than 100 armed groups fighting in the name of Syrian democracy and the Syrian government itself. Most of the rebel armed groups are part of the High Negotiations Committee (HNC), which was created in Saudi Arabia and involves extremist’s elements of major Al-Qaeda affiliates. However, both Russian President Vladimir Putin and United States President Barack Obama have said the ceasefire would bring a new peace plan into place. The agreement is also endorsed by United Nations through an anonymously voted resolution. Under the terms of “Caseation of Hostilities in Syria,” all parties would refrain from gaining more ground and act in bad faith to arm themselves. There will no exchange of machine gun fire, rocket fires or government response to areas where a truce has been signed and humanitarian assistance will be provided free access and flow. However, United States has already indicated that they have a Plan B in case the ceasefire fails.

Russia has brought in their peacekeeping forces in order to monitor the truce through a hotline, which is directly connected with the United States. The Russian center monitors for allegations and ceasefire violations at all ends through Latakia, while other offices in Washington, Moscow, Geneva and Amman have also become operational. In the past two days, there have already been multiple ceasefire violations already reported at the Russian center. The ceasefire does not involve fighting against Islamic State, Al-Qaeda groups Al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups on United Nations watch lists. Hope that peace prevails.


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