Gun Control in the US needs more attention

o-NRA-570There are a host of global issues, as well as local ones. In the United States, one such local issue is the concern of increasing purchases in firearms. The United States politics is very much divided on how gun control issues need to be addressed. A few weeks back, President Obama introduced strict new laws that include increase in background checks. As per President Obama, these new orders for strict background checks will make the system modern and aligned with recent changes in the social order of American society. But many still feel more gun control is needed and this is not enough. As congress does nothing on deaths related to guns in the United States, many American also feel these laws should be changed for good.

In a recent Gallup survey done on around a hundred thousand US citizens, 62 percent are not satisfied with the current laws and measures that are in place. With the mass shooting incidents such as those in Umpqua Community College and San Bernardino, Americans wish they were a bit stricter for people to buy guns. There are more gun owners than anywhere else, with more gun violence than anywhere else in the world as well. The circle of blaming things goes on. President Obama blames the Congress and Republicans, but there is a huge lobby that never wants gun control take shape. The National Rifle Association invests billion in lobbying towards making legislature ineffective. America itself has a gun culture which is hard to redirect citizens from.

Another important issue is the lack of appropriate data on the gun control. Daniel Webster who is a director for Gun Policy and Research at John Hopkins University outlines the lack of research and data on how the use of guns affect the overall functioning of the law itself. He says that the inability to collect data and research on parameters is non-existent. As per Fred Rivara, at the University of Washington, this is nothing more than a stalemate. There can never be an effective policy to fight gun control until there are commercial backers and lobbyists present.


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