Sweden to deport 80,000 asylum seekers


Refugee crisis across Europe has increased to unprecedented levels. Germany has seen more than a million refugees come to its borders last year, Greece has been the hub, while the Scandanavian countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark have been making new legislatures help ease this pressure, by making their countries less appealing to seek refuge. Sweden itself has raised the panic alarm and is ready to deport more than 80,000 asylum seekers and refugees.

The interior ministry of Sweden has started to coordinate with Germany, France and the other European Union nations to help make the flights filled as per capacity while police and other law enforcing agencies have been asked to be ready for a high number of deportations. The ministry in Helsinki has also issued deportation letters for more than 65 percent of the 32,000 asylum seekers in 2015. This has made Sweden not so welcoming as it was a few months back. Many believe the events that happened on New Year Eve in Germany are to blame. The issue of sexual harassment, theft and another social misconduct has been reported by many across EU at New year celebrations.

The Swedish government is asking refugees and asylum seekers to look for other countries where there are no wars or conflicts, apart from turning to Europe alone. Norway in 2015 tried to deport many of its asylum seekers to Russia through the Arctic route. Denmark has also shown restraint by confiscating valuables from asylum seekers in order to ensure a modest living condition is provided. The Syrians had the advantage to get permanent residency in Sweden, but with the increased influx, many laws have seen astonishing changes. Sanna Vestin who is the chair of Swedish Network of Refugee Support group thinks the government will also uphold the right to appeal. For her, the economy is doing fine and refugees should be taken as an investment to the economy, but Sweden has thought otherwise.


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