Deportation Issues

One may be deported from a country due to one reason or another and mostly the issue here is living in a certain country illegally. When this is realized by authorities, they have the power to get rid of such individuals by deporting them to their respective countries. Some nations have allowed such people to remain within their borders while others have taken action as soon as this is realized.

In the United States, this is an issue that attracts great concern among various individuals. It is 1 year now since deportation amnesty came into the picture in the U.S. and it is currently under threat after the federal appeals court decided to block amnesty. This means a lot as far as President Obama’s agenda on the same is concerned.

In a bid to save the situation, the Justice Department has sought to have deportation amnesty which was introduced by the current President of the United States reinstated by filing an appeal at the Supreme Court. This case needs to be among those listed in the high court’s calendar before June 2016 when his term comes to an end.

It is believed that the incoming president after the next election could interfere with this plan if the matter is not addressed before then and that is why there is a push to see the actualization of the same. According to the Republicans, this was not the right thing to do at such a time as this, since they believe that the President needs to focus on other issues that in their view are more important than this.

Deportation amnesty came up when Congress could not hand President Obama the bill he was in need of and it came to be known as Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA). It was later announced on 20th November 2014. Though the President is free to decide on who needs to be deported as per Courts in the United States, it was agreed that he had taken the matter overboard.

This is because according to DAPA over 4 million immigrants will be eligible for a driver’s license, a work permit, Social Security numbers and other benefits that are likely to come along with these. This was a contravention of the immigration law of the land in light of benefits extended and the number of immigrants set to benefit from the same. This was according to a ruling in New Orleans by a federal appeals court.

President Obama’s administration has pointed out the fact that this is not in the best interest of the people of the United States but on his part, the president believes he is delving into issues that had not been given deserved attention previously. It is certain that all will be waiting eagerly to see whether this appeal on amnesty beats the deadline or not.


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