Conflict in Syria

The conflict in Syria has attracted worldwide attention and it is not clear yet when it is expected to come to an end. Many lives have been put at risk since the country is becoming almost unsafe for inhabitants and anyone who enters the country for any particular reason. So far many lives have been claimed by this conflict that has been on for a while now.

Among the various lives that are at risk are journalists who are entering the country to gather details concerning the current situation in the land as they look forward to air what they have gathered. It is evident that such media personalities are not welcome in the land anymore after the shelling of a convoy in which a TASS journalist and 2 RT crew members suffered some injuries.

Reports on this incidence have been termed unfortunate news by Amnesty International. Its Syrian representative by the name Diana Semaan, has revealed that the reason why there were few reports regarding violence against media personalities in 2015 within Syria is because of the aftermath of attacks experienced in 2013 and 2014.

She went on to say that the reason why such individuals who appear to be reporting on the violence being caused by armed groups in the land are being targeted, is due to the fact that they are considered as pro-government. She says that when it comes to attacks against journalists within Syria both sides involved in the conflict are involved and that both local and foreign journalists are being targeted each day.

The freedom of expression which is what media personalities ride on while covering such incidences is what armed groups in the region are trying to discourage in every way possible. This includes the shelling of buildings where it is believed civilian media personalities within the region are working as well as abduction of journalists who are considered as allies to the government of Syria. This is according to a report filed by Amnesty International earlier on.

In addition, The International News Safety Institute (INSN) has revealed that so far a total of 7 media personalities have perished this year alone in the land making them to be an endangered group within the region and that any deliberate attacks on them are totally unacceptable. The institute has also reported cases where stories by journalist from some parts of Syria are not being accepted by most news outlets and this is in an effort to keep them from accessing those areas due to the risks involved.

These attacks are an indication that the situation in Syria has worsened and a call to all workers in the media industry to keep off the region by INSN insisting that none of them should die trying to put together a story on the situation on the ground, is meant to prevent the loss of more lives going forward.



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