All Deliberate Attacks on Palestinians Are Unjustified

There can be no good reason for planned fatal attacks on the Palestinian civilians. It has become frequent over the few decades that Israel not only occupied Palestinian areas but also attacked frequently unscrupulously which is a clear violation of human rights and contempt for humanity. In the latest attacks, they killed five civilians from the occupied West Bank. As tensions continue to severe, it has been observed that the international community fails time and again to take proper initiative to stop this brutal massacre.

Deliberately attacking civilians are contrary to the fundamental principles of international law and can never be justified. Both the Palestinian and Israeli authorities ought to make sure they will take measures, in line with their obligations under human rights, in order to guard the right to live and to bring to justice in fair trials those responsible for such attacks. Israel is required to stop practices, for example, house annihilation which collectively punishes the wider Palestinian inhabitants. Amnesty has also found the evidence of illegitimate killings, together with unlawful executions, by Israeli armed forces against innocent civilians. The Israeli settlers also assaulted the innocent Palestinians and their homes.

In Tel Aviv, a Palestinian stabbed and killed two civilians on Thursday. Reports said that midday prayer was going on and during that time an attacker had attempted to enter the synagogue but had been prevented by people attending worship. The assailant was under arrest by Israeli forces. In a separate unpleasant incident in which 3 innocent civilians were murdered, a Palestinian shot at an Israeli bus. Palestinian shot and murdered 2 Israeli civilians while they drove in West Bank. At the same time, a suspect in the killing has been arrested by Israeli forces. In the mean time, 5 Palestinian people have been murdered by Israeli forces. Two were reported to have been shot during protests; moreover 3 were shot at some stage in armed clashes with the Israeli army. Two other Palestinians died of wounds by Israeli armed forces throughout protests. Israeli forces have a history of using unjustified or extreme force towards Palestinian protesters and they have frequently been unlawfully killed.

Amnesty asked the international community to solve this problem. If the situation goes on, it will only destabilize the peace of the world. So it is time to show respect to the international rules and promote humanity.



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