Obama’s Plans

Focus on what is going to become of the amnesty law under President Obama’s regime has continued to tighten as people continue to make their concerns and fears known, with regard to the same. There have been new developments every other time that are threatening to change what is stated in United States amnesty laws in favor of immigrants which is what some are trying to prevent.

In a recently internal DHS memorandum that has been leaked, it has been ascertained that Obama’s administration is set to go against a suspended deferral-based amnesty initiative of last November that was issued as a federal court injunction. The Administration has so far made a request to have the injunction reversed and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal will be drawing a verdict on whether to honor the request or not.

It is believed that through DHS, Obama is planning to adopt part of four plans of which each of these is targeted on granting Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) to visa overstayers, non-immigrants as well as those who exist in the country lawfully. In essence, this will be contrary to what the federal statute-book dictates with reference to the employment-based visa system.

EAD is the term used to refer to permits issued to allow one to work in the U.S. and so far the Immigration Reform Law Institute has filed briefs relating to cases that required President Obama’s Expanded DACA and DAPA programs disclosure to be frozen. This was as per the order issued by Judge Andrew Hansen who is a Texas federal judge, exactly four months ago.

Any violation of this order will be considered a contempt of law and court which will in turn depict an aspect of bad faith on the part of the Administration. DHS policymakers that have not been named indicate that US workers will not be affected negatively as far as future employment is concerned since the US labor market has been tested.

It continues to observe that the American working-class which is composed of unequal proportions of students, minorities, the elderly and working mothers is already stress-tested and the indication is that it is holding up well. This also follows a test that has been done on the US labor market which has been based on aliens who have been working in the country illegally and according to DHS, this is a measure that can be used to cover more people.

What has been viewed as the downside to this is the fact that aliens that have been in the US illegally, will still have to contend with the challenge of obtaining permanent residence because they are considered ineligible. It is believed that the leakage of this document is a clear implication of a giant amnesty by the administration that is of a tactical nature, aimed at benefiting up to 12 million aliens who are considered illegal and are in contravention of current immigration laws.


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