Slovenian and Croatian Authorities Must Cooperate The Refugees

Slovenian and Croatian authorities must urgently find out an effective solution as a huge number of refugees as well as asylum searcher stayed overnight between the two countries’ border checkpoints. There will be more refugees will gather there soon. Amnesty requested to Slovenian and Croatian authorities to open their border for refugees. According to a survey by the Amnesty International, it has found that various refugees were insulted by the Croatian cops. They ushered around just two thousand people from Čakovec train station to the border-traversing at Trnovec, after Slovenian police had blocked their border so as to no refugees will be entering into Slovenia.

Innumerable young people including babies who are struggling to enter in Europe for months. They want to join with their fellow Refugees who have already reached Europe. They reached the border crossing and at the end they discovered that the border is blocked by a boundary as well as Slovenian police forces. Croatian police forces promptly built a permanent fence behind the grouping, successfully trapping them between the two nations with no protection or charitable assistance. It is simply unacceptable for Croatia, Slovenia along with other European countries.

The Slovenian and Croatian authorities should consider that the Refugees have come to Europe to save their life. They risked their life to reach Europe. They should help these vulnerable people. They need shelter, foods, security, medication etc. it is the duty of every country to help the helpless. As soon as the Slovenian and Croatian authorities comprehend this, it will create the situation less complicated. What they are doing now, it is not the solution. It will make the situation more difficult.

It is the responsibility of both the Slovenian and Croatian authorities to extend their helping hands to assist the Refugees. Refugees, as well as asylum seekers, are in deep trouble and they come close to their border to enter into Europe. The fact is that European leaders have identified the problems, but they do little to solve this refugee crisis. Croatian police forces tried out to validate their behavior by telling that they are performing their duties directed by the authority. It is very sad that their attitudes towards refugees are appalling and hazardous. They EU member must manage the refugee crisis as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could create bad consequence with severe outcomes for thousands of people turning up every day. EU nations around the world must work together to give them manageable remedies that ensure the privileges and dignity of refugees and asylum seekers. These days the Slovenian police forces began to little by little permit people to get into their country.


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