U.S. Sends Aid Against IS Troops

The United States has stepped up their game in their campaign to bring down Islamic State militants, sending support to thousands of Syrian rebels that are fighting their cause. Just last week, the United States has brought ammunition to aid these rebels. Prior to that, they have launched multiple airstrikes to the locations where the IS troops are concentrated.

The U.S. forces have long been invested in aiding the Syrian Arab Coalition. Previously, they have looked into the possibility of training these Syrian rebels along Turkey and Jordan to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to win this ongoing war. But the project was scrapped when almost all the rebels failed the screening test required prior to the training. It didn’t help that there are certain divisions who are in alliance with al-Qaeda members, supplying them with the weapons that are intended to be used against the IS troops.

The initial apprehension of the U.S. was replaced with newfound trust after a dialogue with the rebel leaders. Thus, they have upped their game. They recently airdropped over 50 tons of ammunition to aid the rebels.

In the political front, the U.S. is also urging the Russian government to halt its support to President Assad. Through the months, Russia has become quite involved in the ongoing civil war of Syria. They have sent multiple airstrikes, targeting any groups who are in conflict with the Syrian president. This includes non-jihadists rebels. The U.S. believes that doing so will not help mitigate the war rather, it will help escalate it, causing the death to more innocent lives.

The U.S. is not alone in this sentiment. The European Union likewise called on Russia to stop their current strategies. They believe that such airstrikes are doing more harm than good. They believe that ousting President Assad will provide a means to end the bloody conflict.


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