Brief summary about Women in Atenco (First Case)

On May 3rd and 4th, 2006, local flower sellers in Mexico were protesting about an agreement with municipal authorities whether they would be allowed to sell flowers in the main market or not. In response of this protest, two people including 14 years old boy were killed by the Police. Then, more than 45 women were arrested with no reason and were consistently beaten and raped by the Police officers. There has been physical, psychological and sexual violence against protesters. Officers pulled their hairs, beat her, and pulled women’s shirt over her head. Police officers sexually assaulted her persistently. Shockingly, the prison doctors who examined the women could not put all of their physical injuries or sexual abuses they had suffered. Even though this hideous crime had occurred, they are only going to be prosecuted at the state level. Over 34 police officers were suspected to be responsible for this tragic event, and still this issue is dealt so gently. Even now, brave survivors are protesting about this, waiting for justice.


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