One case about innocent 11 years old girl

An innocent 11 years old girl had been raped repeatedly by her stepfather and led to a pregnancy. It is pleasing to see the girl and the newborn are healthy and alive. This girl was forcibly raped by her stepfather and led to a pregnancy. She didn’t want to have her baby, but since abortion is strictly banned in Paraguay, she had to birth a baby. Abortion is stringently prohibited in Paraguay unless the life of the woman is at serious risk. The risk of maternal death rate is four times higher among adolescents, younger than 16 years old than the twenties. This led the girl and her mother to visit innumerable doctors, asking doctors to terminate the pregnancy, but every request was denied and instead she was sent to a young-mother center. Preposterously, the girl’s mother was sent to prison, convicted for failing her duty of care and of being complicit in the abuse. The mother is extremely fearful with her daughter and that her detention is arbitrary. Yet, the authority is not ensuring her family’s psychological, economic and social support, and amnesty international urges Paraguay to modify the law and to support her family. There are currently 150,000 world-wide supporters who signed a petition.


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