Different from former days when pardon was granted during national events today this is being extended as need arises through an act put in place by the parliament or by the crown. It is a term normally used to refer to the freedom or pardon that is extended to individuals who have committed crime against a government and are set to be tried.

It should not be viewed as merely pardon because when granted, all manner of offenses that had been committed will not be recalled anymore and individuals that receive it get to live their lives normally as any other free person. This applies only in cases where the said person has not been convicted yet because if it was so, then granting amnesty would not be possible.

It may take different shapes which in one cases may entail some restrictions even though one has been set free or one that has no restrictions whatsoever in another case. Whichever the case, individuals are spared what they would have otherwise experienced without it. It can therefore be considered as a way to keep one from facing justice following the injustices that he or she has done.

Mostly the offences committed are supposed to bring about severe punishment on those involved since they tend to be what would be called capital offences. Getting away with it is almost impossible and due to the fact that such individuals may find themselves being hunted down by the forces or even nations, they may go into hiding in countries where they are foreigners.

While at the foreign nation that is when they come out in the open and plead with the authorities of the nation they have been hiding in to be granted amnesty. The main intention behind this is to make individuals responsible and to avert their involvement in criminal acts in the future.

This implies that in cases where it is granted with restrictions, they stand a chance of being punished should they be found culpable of crime in the future. Amnesty also applies when one is in hiding while fearing for their lives as a search continues. In such a case the authorities will choose to extend it to them if they are willing to surrender harmful or forbidden products that are in their possession.

These could be firearms, harmful drugs such as heroin, cocaine among others and even weapons of any other nature that are considered dangerous. This goes a long way in protecting the society as a whole which would have otherwise suffered in the hands of such criminals.


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