The Reminiscences of Egypt’s Rabaa Massacre

You probably would never know the bloodiest incident in Egypt’s Rabaa massacre two years ago. It is really tough for you to imagine what happened there if you recently visit Cairo’s Rabaa al Square today. Hisham Barakat was assassinated in Cairo in a car bomb on 29 June. The government recently renamed the square after Egypt’s people Prosecutor Hisham Barakat. Security forces’ abused and detained thousands of protestors over the last two years.

The sculpture in the square is the testimony of the bloodshed and the only element that tells of the massacre. The color of blood has remained in the inner walls. It looks look a medical centre. In August 2013, sniper fired at the protestors. There may be next to nothing that evokes the blood, dying a lot of people due to open fire. Lots of the injured people did not get proper treatment. At present, countless of Egyptians are still could not imagine the shadow of the bloodshed and how it happened in Rabaa. It tested a spinning point, that a particular day; the ferocity of the forces was laid exposed. Reporters run at that time to cover the news. The fights took place between Muslim Brotherhood supporters of Egypt’s ousted leader Mohamed Morsi and the military dictator. The law enforcing agency by the order of the authorities’ launched clearance operation in Cairo on 13 August, 2013.

Mohamed Sayed was arrested and detained for prolonged periods. Later he was given two years of imprisonment. Egypt’s former leader Mohamed Morsi was ousted from by the military dictators. The police and military services started to fire indiscriminately and used excessive power to disperse the Morsi supporters in July and August 2013. The Rabaa massacre on 13 August was Egypt’s darkest time. Unfortunately not a single security official has been held accountable for the death of hundreds of people. Amnesty International urged the authority of Egypt to investigate the Rabaa massacre and to ensure punishment to the liability police officers.

The prosecutor accompanied by a fact-finding committee was appointed by the federal to look into the killings. But they have been unsuccessful to uphold justice; on contrary, they set the blame on the protestors for assaulting and defending the security forces. This incident will encourage and give immunity to the law enforcing agency and this kind of immunity is completely insulting for human rights.


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