Jabbar Savlan

Jabbar Savalan is a 20 years old student who also takes in part of the opposition Popular Front Party (PFP) in Azerbaijan. He has been released after eleven months, spending his time in prison by amnesty international. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on 4th of May for fabricated drug. He posted on Facebook, requesting for protest against government which should be held in capital, Baku. After having a PFP meeting, on the way home, he was handcuffed and manhandled violently before the investigation from police station. Police claimed that Jabbar Savalan possessed 0.74 grams of marijuana in his outer jacket, but the blood test proved his innocence. Despite of his innocence against drug use, he was prisoned for eleven months in jail. Amnesty International protested about the abuse and treatment took before being searched in Police station. While he was in detention, he was continuously abused, and he did not have access to talk to the lawyer too. Jabbar Savlan confessed he had not possessed marijuana and it must have been the Police officers putting it in his pocket while he was manhandled in a vehicle. The investigation took place in his house and it showed no history of drug use whatsoever. Moreover, Savlan’s classmates and friends confirmed, that Jabbar is not a person to do drugs since he hadn’t had alcohol either.


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