Myanmar Liberate Some Prisoners of Conscience

Of late, the government of Myanmar has released at least 10 prisoners of consciences; however, there are a lot of prisoners are detained still now. Myanmar nowadays tries to go the correct direction. Yet authorities have to right away give release all the prisoners and must liberate peaceful activists who nonetheless keep on being imprisoned. Amnesty said that Myanmar authorities at the present time release 6,966 people as part of a presidential amnesty. This is good news because these prisoners can now walk totally free as well as come back to their family members, even if nothing can make the ordeal they possess required to go through. But the truth remains that none of them must have recently been in the city jail to start with. It has seen that an increasing amount of arrests and harassment of peaceful activists in Myanmar in the past nine weeks, with increasingly more of prisoners of conscience languishing in jail. This incident will have a long lasting effect in case the laws that let the officers to crackdown on human beings civil rights defenders, students, journalists together with government critics remain on the books.

Myanmar general election is going to take place on November 8, 2015 and the authorities are taking all the preparations. Thousands of prisoners were released earlier for the reason that Myanmar is going to host two international summits. Myanmar’s authorities get a track record of offering prisoner amnesties. The govt must prove that this is more than an empty gesture to curry favor in advance of the November elections. They ought to be to release the scores of peaceful activists who still continue to be behind bars, as well as to drop charges against those experiencing imprisonment simply for quietly exercising their human rights. In the mean time, the authority sentenced to 2 years in prison to Kyaw Zaw Hein, Thura Aung, Gain Tin, Kyaw Min Khaing and Yin Min Htun who were media personnel of the newspaper. Maung Kyi, a nonviolent campaigner, was sent to jail as he attended a protest against the government without asking the permission of the authority in 2014 at Yangon. They also arrested Rohingya leaders Kyaw Khin, Ba Thar, Kyaw Myint as well as his son Hla Myint, who were imprisoned from May 2015. The four men were first arrested in April 2013 following communities speak up against the government. The four men were sentenced to 5 to 7 years in prison.



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