Balkan Countries Mistreating Migrants

Balkan countries are known for the southeastern peninsula of the European continent. The countries that make up the Balkans include Greece, Albania, Serbia, Slovenia, Herzegovina Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, and Bosnia. Right now in Balkan countries they are currently mistreating migrants who are fleeing war through their territories on the way to the European Union. The migrants are being mistreated by authorities and criminal gangs. The migrants are currently trapped without legal protection in Balkan countries. Many of the migrants are coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq, Somalia, or Sudan. Churches having power has made many areas struggle with religious and ethnic conflict. Ethnic cleansing was tried to remove all members of a group in a country or region which resulted in terrible violence.  Bosnia and Herzegovina are finally at peace but working to rebuild after years of ethnic and religious violence. Romania is working to recover from years of bad government.

Most people living in the Balkan countries feel really miserable. They have constant concern about jobs, health care, education for their children, and even their pensions. There’s more concern over material worries then ethnic grudges or the desire to reconquer territory. They are depressed about their economy and they continually keep becoming poorer than their western and northern counterparts. There is no jobs. All of the Balkan economies are connected to the euro zone so there has been a dramatic decrease in demand which has hit their economies extensively hard. Plunging incomes make it hard when prices continue to rise and increase. The jobs that are in the countries are about having connections and bribery so qualified professionals are left out of positions. So many unqualified, inexperienced, and unprofessional people with connections are placed in these positions.

When you government is constantly telling you everything is alright and the future is bright. The reality is it isn’t and economic situation is just getting worse. There is too much corruption, low productivity, low wages, communist habits, horrible housing conditions, extreme poverty, and discriminated minorities. Innocent people are being attacked by just passing the street by kids. There are too many ethnic cultural differences between the Balkan countries that constantly make themselves at war with each other. The churches are also very powerful in the Balkans. The church has a powerful mysticism and extremist glint. Albania has the lowest per capita income in all of Europe. In Kosovo has the highest rates of illiteracy and infant mortality. Balkans are primarily earning their living through agriculture. Business people are constantly having to operate in an environment of rapidly changing banking and advertising laws. The countries are going through a transition from socialism to capitalism in market economies. It is a difficult transition and very slow process.  The Balkan governments focused on authoritarian concentrated foreign policy and military buildups instead of focusing on building up the agriculture. Consumer production has lagged behind and there was no groundwork in the past built to build the transformation to the information age.  So the weak economic planning has left Balkans poor and struggling to improve their economies.


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