Case study of Jafar Panahi

A filmmaker, Jafar Panahi was sentenced to 6 years in prison and 20 years ban on his artistic activities, including film making, travelling abroad, and speaking media. He is a famous film director around the world, winning ‘Golden Lion’ prize at the Venice film festival for his film made in 2000. This well-known director was convicted by implying propaganda against the state in his film. He exercised his right to freedom of expression through his film-making and political activism. In other words, he was accused for making anti-governmental film without getting permission and provoking a protest at the opposition after disputed 2009 presidential election. Panahi’s assistant was also sentenced to prison for six years. He is not in detention now but he could be forced to prison at any time. While Jafar Panahi was in prison, he was suffered by poor treatment by prison officers. He was forced to stand outside with no clothes when it was very cold. He was arrested on 1st of March,2010 and was detained in prison for three months. He was later released but was banned to travel abroad .


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