Fight for Women’s Rights in Ireland

It’s no secret that Ireland has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world. They are strictly illegal unless the mother’s life is imminently in danger, but as many Irish women can attest, doctors will often put the mother’s life at risk in order to attempt to save a fetus.

Many women in Ireland who are seeking abortions either leave the country or carry out illegal abortions in their homes. This leaves women afraid and scarred, and some do not live to tell about it.

The saddest cases are the ones in which women would have never elected to have an abortion, but rather had to suffer through the horrendous experience of having their fetus die before birth. In these cases, the women are often forced to carry a dead fetus inside them for long periods of time, putting them at risk for life-threatening infections.

Many women who have children are afraid to have more, knowing that if any complications arise during the pregnancy, doctors may not put the mother as the first priority. Pregnancy can be dangerous, but women everywhere should be able to carry their children without the fear that they may not live through a potential complication because the doctor could choose to prioritize a fetus that couldn’t survive on its own.

Even some of the most adamant pro-life activists believes these laws need to be reformed. They may not support so-called “elective” abortions, but they pretty much agree that a woman whose fetus dies inside her is not a criminal for wanting to save her life through pregnancy termination.

Do some research on the issue, and join in where you can. Abortion is a difficult and controversial issue that has a lot of complicating factors. That said, Amnesty International wants to see everyone’s human rights respected, and that includes women in Ireland.

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