U.S. Flights Escalate Friction with China

The United States has sent various surveillance planes atop the territory of China in the South China Sea, a move which greatly angered China. Both nations have been exchanging thinly-veiled barbs and warnings the past few weeks and these are further amplified after the flight incident.

The territorial disputes over the South China Sea have been ongoing for some time now.  Nearby Asian countries have expressed their side on the matter claiming that the territories have been set long ago and any move to contradict this should be settled amicably. One of the countries currently trying to defend and fight for its territory is the Philippines. But it seems that it’ll take a long time before any of the parties are willing to reach an agreement.

The United States has also stepped in, prepping the Philippines with equipment and fighter planes. The surveillance plane that was spotted hovering in China came from the Clark Air Base of the Philippines which has been the home to the U.S. Navy since early this year.

But the preparations did not go unnoticed by China, saying that the U.S. administration is trying to draw China out to a confrontation. It seems that they are purposely provoking the spite of China. China warned that these efforts are risky considering that the two nations are already walking on a thin line.

Nearby countries are also on edge over the possibility of a full-scale confrontation. Australia has always maintained amicable ties with both but may be forced to choose a side when the time comes. The authorities fear that as the tension grows, their economy and business community will be affected. The same goes for Vietnam who was previously a huge supporter for U.S. intervention. But recently, Vietnam is pushing for all parties to settle things amicably. They hoped that all territorial disputes will be resolved according to international laws. Cambodia is also active in seeking out the top leaders and urging them to patch things up as soon as possible to avoid escalating it to greater conflicts.


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