Africa: The Danger Zone for the Journalists

In the present day, many countries across Africa are limiting freedom of Media. The flexibility of Media has been increasingly come under harm in many countries as the journalists are targeted for assault and harassment that is contrary to human civil rights and major violations of human right. Amnesty international urges African governments to ensure journalists congenial environment so that they will be able to carry out their function without tension, free from intimidation and harassment. In West, as well as Central Africa, violations of media freedom carry on unabated. From Gambia to Cameroon, journalists are possibly threatened or were compelled to exile on account of their function. In the last three years or so, repressive governing bodies in the region transferred regulation restricting as well as destroying the right to freedom of expression.

African governments must have to safeguard the right to freedom of exposition of journalists and bloggers and permitting impartial press to compare as well as report international concerns without tension, intimidation or harassment. Media freedom has to be completely and effectively a constant thing. New law in Gambia offered penalties of up to 20 years’ imprisonment and hefty fees for obscure as well as ill-defined offences including, denouncing authorities’ officials online; spreading false news concerning the authorities or perhaps public officials; making derogatory statements about public authorities; and inciting dissatisfaction or perhaps implementing physical violence against the government.

In Cameroon, open aggression towards the media carries ended in journalists getting arbitrarily arrested by the police as well as detained. Some journalists are now taking the risk of terrorism charges under new anti-terror laws and regulations. The authority jailed many Journalists. David Tam, a Journalist who covers Ebola crisis, was detained for 11 days before getting released on bail. A number of press stores have come under guide strike from their governing bodies, going through intimidation and harassment, with a few media residences getting shut down. Journalists are actually arrested arbitrarily, tortured as well as sentenced on spurious costs over the past nineteen months on account of their function. It has found that the journalists had to go through organized attacks in the course of election periods. In Burundi, the Federal government has banned the non-public radio stations as they protested. In Ethiopia, many journalists and press staff are currently in prison or perhaps have been convicted because of their function.


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