Concepts you should have in amnesty

There is always a role-model for every person, whether it is because of someone’s knowledge, attitude or achievement. In amnesty, also, there is a role model and we all should follow these.

-You should not discriminate anyone

Because amnesty deals with problems associated with discrimination, you should absolutely not discriminate somebody

-No prejudice

You should not think a person as you want to think just because of his/her appearance, race, or anything (disrespectful).


This is very important. There will be lots of incidents where you could not just possibly understand something. Even though you disagree with someone and feels completely wrong, you must listen and not harass other people. You also need to accept things too. The environments that you were grown and other people were grown are completely different, so thoughts and values might diverge. Try to empathize.

-Be interested

There is no meaning if you are not interested in amnesty. You always should be ready to learn new things and be passionate to listen to other people’s opinions and solve problems for other people.


Amnesty works to promote and defend human rights. To do this successfully, we must continuously measure the effectiveness of our action and find ways to improve. We should always find another method to approach and solve the question.


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