Relationship between amnesty and human rights

As I said before, amnesty is a request or action taken in place to cancel the punishment that people will get due to violation of human rights. Human right is the key factor of amnesty and it is much related to it. Amnesty deal with issues which are violating human rights, such as death penalty, discrimination or torture. People are being executed in many countries due to the many crimes such as murder, or who you sleep with. When you are going to have an execution, you stay in prison without knowing when to be executed. You don’t know when you’ll see your family last and when you will die. Execution to a human being is very inhumane and brutal. To fight for this, amnesty club opposes and take actions. Amnesty also strongly opposes with discriminations. These include race, nationality, religion, gender, language, health, age discriminations. We believe there is absolutely no reason to discriminate just because they are different and have different beliefs. Every single person deserves to be treated as the same way as another. Torture is when someone in authority intentionally causes severe pain or suffering for a specific purpose. Such as to get information or a confession out of you, to punish, intimidate or threaten you. Because you want something out of it doesn’t mean you can torture in both physical and psychological way. Those above three ways all violate human rights, which we feel very wrong and inhumane. Amnesty works for human rights, and so, human right and amnesty is closely related.


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