Basic concepts & involvements in amnesty

Amnesty is a request or action taken in place to cancel the punishment that people will get due to violation of human rights. In this amnesty club, its aim is to:

-free prisoners of conscience

-ensure a prompt and fair trial for all political prisoners

-abolish death penalty or torture or any punishments which are inhumane.

-end executions or disappearance

In this amnesty club, every person should believe that all human rights should be applied by all people all the time and no one can contravene others’ human rights.

Then, how does the amnesty club apparently do?

Well, when we realize an action is needed to protect people whose rights are abused, firstly, we search out for the fact. We send out professionals to talk with the victims and interview right activists. We maintain contacting with reliable information around the world.

Secondly, we mobilize the public to pressure government so that abuse can be stopped.

Lastly, if urgent action is needed, we can write letters/fax/e-mails to the government.



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