International Community and Afghan Government Have Failed To Protect Women Rights

In Afghanistan, women have to go through brutality, rape and even deaths recurrently. Women rights protectors frequently observe these brutalities against women, but they do simply nothing. The government mainly pays concentration on the security issues and they have little attention on the women rights. Amnesty International has condemned severely to the International Community and the Afghan Government because they have failed to protect women rights time and again.

Women and young ladies, including specialists, teachers, legal counselors, police, writers and activists have been tortured by the Taliban as well as by warlords and government authorities also. But the initiative of the law enforcing agencies to resist women violation is infrequent, as a result, these sorts of inhuman activities are happening unreservedly. It is really matter of regret that Afghan authorities are abandoning them to fight for themselves. While the Taliban are in charge of the areas where women are being assaulted, it is really tough for government authorities or nearby administrators to preserve women rights and provide them with security.

According to the observation of Amnesty International it has found that these sorts of gross violation of women rights have become a regular incident in Afghanistan as the Afghan authority has less political will to take strong initiative against it. If the Afghan authority as well as local administration addresses this issue with proper attention, the frequency of women violations would certainly be lower. The administration must ensure the safety of women and they must not disregard this grave issue.

Afghanistan government receives thousands of dollars from the international community but they are doing simply with this fund. The international community must not show reluctance to this issue and they must ask the Afghan government to ensure safety to the women. If the international community puts stress of this issue, the Afghanistan government will certainly be compelled to guard women rights. Otherwise, it would be useless to offer Afghanistan government a great deal of money for development and security purposes.

It is next to impossible to restore peace and tranquility in Afghanistan if the Afghanistan authority fails to protect women’s right. In the meantime UN and the European Union have taken some initiatives in Afghanistan to preserve women’s right, but it will be futile if the Afghanistan government really doesn’t want to protect women’s right. In that case, the future of Afghanistan will be very perilous.


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