Ignore Us than Ignore Human Rights

If it is not happening to us then why does it matter what is happening in the other part of the World, right? There is so many tragedies World-wide we have no clue about and don’t get our attention. I think you can go around every country and see the lack of government and people ignoring some seriously significant human rights issues. Our thinking is bias because for certain governments to take action will only be if it is beneficial or because of specific interests in mind to promote an example.

This makes me think of the drone attacks in Pakistan. The government acts in a way that violates human rights. The government has a more security, economic, political, or ideological interest to do so. They don’t think about their external action of how the harm affect the human rights situation in another country. It is easier to greater harm to another country then to provide aide to the people. I don’t know if we believe that everything will turn out alright if we do nothing so there is no effort on our part. Is it because it doesn’t strike us personally because it is happening in another country?  By throwing money at a problem it doesn’t solve anything. Governments need to create moral obligations to comply with, authority to enforce these guidelines, their laws, and orders. While the government is the main guardian of human rights. It is also jobs as citizens of these states to be the ultimate guardian and respect of human rights. We cannot just turn our heads because we don’t like what we see.

When we fail to take effective measures to address violations of human rights and the people standing up for the protection of other people, we fail as community. Governments develop the laws which they are supposed to follow but then they just do what they want. How many cases are their holding people in detention or locking them up without a trial? We are not talking about a week I am talking about years these people are locked up.  Most of these people are standing up for their human rights? How does the people believe in the government when they are not keeping up with their own moral obligations?

We continue to see this ongoing problem with human rights. How many more human lives need to be sacrificed to have certain human rights they should already have established? How many people across the world are not provided with adequate food, water, or even medical care? There is millions. Freedom from slavery, torture, gender/racial persecution, right to education and detainees are just some of the issues facing human rights today. The council of foreign relations talks about global human rights regime, “The world struggles to balance democracy’s promise of human rights protection against its historically Western identification.” I think governments violating rights will pose serious security challenges or make existing ones continually worse. You don’t have security unless you have a guarantee of human rights.


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