Restoring Justice through Amnesty

Corruption, compromise and incompetence are some of factors that have led to flaws experienced in our justice systems today. However, all is not over and there is still something that we can do to deal with the challenges affecting the fabric of our society today. Cases of injustice were very much rampant in the past. However, recent times have seen a decreased trend. This can be attributed to amnesty international. However, these injustice cases have taken new forms and have been in often times hidden in the laws that we have enacted through our representatives in government. A bill passed in the parliament today is enough to propel injustice while everyone is watching. Any bill comes into law through a simple vote of the majority in a given group of leaders in most parts of the world. However, some of these bills have been found with hidden agendas and ill-motives. It is not enough to have rules passed to govern us – it is important to have independent bodies that put every system into check while exercising its mandate.

Amnesty is a people’s justice machinery aimed at resolving matters with powerful people arms, authorities, people and even governments. Should any of these be found contravening the basic laws that govern all of us, amnesty comes in handy to protest against them. Amnesty does not work from unsubstantiated facts and information. There is a lot that revolves around the justice that is normally sought by Amnesty. It relies on the law and its provisions for all people in different parts of the world. Some of the common issues that amnesty has fought in the past include a denial of the freedom of speech and expression. In many parts of the world, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on condition that it does not go against the common good of all people and again in the idea that it is not contrary to the law. Despite the existence of such freedoms, we have seen the prosecution of individuals who peacefully demonstrated against the government or a certain ruthless leader. This should not be the case and for this reason, Amnesty has continued to persuade people from all walks of life to stand against such things.

Justice is too important to be left in the hands of just a few people in government. Everyone has a responsibility and a role to play in bringing sanity to our institutions and society. Amnesty is leading in the way of ensuring peaceful co-existence through fair trial and justice for all in the society. Every nation has laws and freedoms that govern its people’s ways of life. The same manner in which limits are set to these freedoms, there is also a way through which control is exercised when dealing with people who have supposedly erred. Despite their wrong actions, they still have some rights that should not be taken away from them. It is indeed a humiliating affair to see governments and authorities go against the will of its people. Amnesty calls for justice at all levels and promote the welfare of all in the world!



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